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Is Washington Heights Safe? Crime And Safety Reports

Is Washington Heights Safe

Is Washington Heights Safe? The Ultimate Guide!

Back when it was known as the murder capital of NYC, Washington Heights had an elevated crime rate. However, since 1994 the police department split between the south side north at 34th Precinct with Inwood neighborhood joining both precincts has made this area safe and quite frankly ranks 24 out of 69 safe neighborhoods in Manhattan per capita-wise (the 4th).Is Washington Heights Safe

The Origins Of Washington Heights

Washington Heights is a neighborhood in New York City, located on the west side of Manhattan and named after Fort Washington. The fort was constructed during America’s Revolutionary War to defend against British troops – before it existed though there were only a few people living here; once subway lines started running through this area many more were attracted by its quick access from other parts.

Washington Heights Real Estate

Washington Heights is a small, residential community that offers many amenities to those who love the hustle and bustle of city life. The area has seen increases in costs over time with gentrification occurring alongside it- so expect even more development as well!

Getting Educated

Getting Educated

Washington Heights is a beautiful and diverse community located in Community District 6. This district has multiple schools, including Muscota Elementary School, Washington Heights Academy middle school 324 Patria Mirabal. There are many college students attending nearby Columbia University and City College for higher education options; additionally, two New York Public Library branches can be found here as well!

For self-educators there’s always room at your local branch library–whether it’s new books on tape programs just released this week or old classics available by appointment only.

Protection In Washington Heights

Protection In Washington Heights

Washington Heights is a great place to live if you’re looking for safety and peace. There have been many improvements over the years, with violent crime rates decreasing by 87% in one police precinct alone!

If residents say that their neighborhood isn’t safe then it’s probably because they’re located near some drug users on Street who contribute positively or negatively depending upon where exactly these individuals reside within Washington heights itself.

There are three fire stations in Washington Heights, as well as a hospital and school. The New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Irving Medical Center has an on-site clinic that provides health services for children from birth through high school graduation age; it’s also where you can find Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospitals of NewYork (MSCNY).

Where Do I Eat?

There are so many great restaurants in Manhattan that offer something for everyone. If you want to enjoy Hispanic food, there’s a lot of places just one block away from Washington heights – including El Floridita Restaurant and Coogan’s Irish Pub! For pizza connoisseurs who also love drinks with their pie? The Uptown Garrison has them covered too-they have an impressive selection on tap or excellent wines available by the glass as well!.

Is Getting Around Easy?

Washington Heights is the ideal neighborhood for safe walking. It’s served by multiple subway lines and has accessible public transit, making it easy to get around town without having any trouble with your feet or hands! You can also take advantage of our great biking conditions in this part-cityisse area; there are forest hills but they’re not too steep so that you won’t be exhausted after climbing them (especially if came here on two wheels).

Washington Heights Main Attractions

Washington Heights Main Attractions

Washington Heights is a trove of green spaces and cultural attractions. The three largest parks are Fort Tryon Park which covers 67 acres, Highbridge Park at 45 acres, and finally – for those who enjoy artsy things like museums- there are The Cloisters which houses an impressive collection with exhibits on architecture in Latin America as well as Latino art throughout history! Every November you can catch their annual Day Of The Dead festival where they feature live music performances from some incredible talent while also allowing the safest neighborhood kids to get creative by making masks or having classes learning how to make them themselves too.

Let’s Not Forget The Children

Washington Heights offers a quiet escape with plenty of green space and limited towering buildings. There are numerous playgrounds to enjoy outdoor activities, such as playing football in Tryon Park’s Annual Autumn Medieval Festival or watching kids star alongside professional actors at People’s Theatre Project for original performances that they produce themselves! You can also get your fill-on art workshops and toddler storytime right next door at the local library while still being able to explore nearby areas if you wish—all without having any noise complaints lodged against you.

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Is Washington Heights a poor neighborhood?

Is Washington Heights a poor neighborhood?

Washington Heights and Inwood’s poverty rates are much higher than many other Manhattan neighborhoods. The Upper East Side had the lowest at 7%.

Washington heights’ numbers were similar to NYC’s overall rate which sits around 19%. However, these figures are much worse when compared with some other parts of town such as Midtown or Downtown where only 10% live below the breadline while on Madison Avenue less than 1 percent do so!


What is it like living in Washington Heights?

Living in Washington Heights offers residents a dense urban feel and most people rent their homes. There is an abundance of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, or parks for the taking- so you’re never bored! Many young professionals call this area home while it holds liberal values close to its heart; everyone knows each other by name here which makes life easy as pie.


Is Washington Heights part of Harlem?

Washington Heights is the safest neighborhood in the uppermost part of New York City, and it borders Inwood to its north along Dyckman Street, Harlem south along 155th Street with Coogan’s Bluff east across from that same river while also facing west over onto The Hudson River.

Is Washington Heights a Dominican neighborhood?

Washington Heights is a Latin American community that has been home to many different cultures. The largest Dominican Republic in North America originally consisted of only Dominicans but eventually evolved into an international melting pot inhabited by East Europeans and Germans as well.

The old conflicts between these groups subsided when they saw how much good could come from living side-by-side with each other instead; now Washington heights thrives on diversity!

What part of San Francisco has the highest crime rate?

San Francisco has many different neighborhoods with varying degrees of crime. The highest-crime areas include the Tenderloin District, Market Street/South of Market, and Mission Districts in San Francisco proper; however, Bayview/Hunters Point is also a hot spot for criminals who live there due to high rates per capita among other factors such as good accessibility by public transportation which helps make it easier not just get around town but exist here without driving all over creation!

What city has the highest property crime rate?

Springfield, MO is home to some of the most notorious criminals in America. The city has an average property crime rate that ranks it at number one on our list.

What does Crime Stat do?

Crime Stat is advanced and intuitive computer software that interfaces with many different types of desktop GIS programs. It provides statistical tools to aid law enforcement agencies in their crime mapping efforts, as well as other researchers who want accurate data on criminal behavior at a local level or throughout entire states.

Is Fort Washington Park free?

Yes, It’s free. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with your family and friends. Just be sure you have enough time because this incredible outdoor space doesn’t have any of that pesky admission gate nonsense – everyone is welcomed here!

Is Hudson Heights the same as Washington Heights?

The enclave of Hudson Heights is a small portion within the larger Washington heights area. Its host to many different communities, including the Jewish community and the Dominican community who have made it their home for centuries.

Why is the George Washington Bridge famous?

The George Washington Bridge is the world’s busiest motor vehicle bridge, carrying over 103 million vehicles in 2016. It is owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey who operate infrastructure for transport on both sides of this bi-state government agency.

What is Fort George known for?

Fort George was built between 1796 and 1802 when it served as the headquarters for the Centre Division of the British Army during the War Of 1812. The fort played a pivotal role in the defense of Upper Canada by providing reliable protection against American invasions from the Niagara River region which would otherwise have been vulnerable to US forces across the border (Louisiana Purchase).

What is hamilton’s height?

hamilton’s height is 5’7 and hamilton’s Weight is 73 kg.

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Final Words

Washington Heights is a great neighborhood to live in, but you should be aware that there has been some tension caused by gentrification. As long-time residents are being pushed out because the rents increased and they can no longer afford it due to their properties becoming flooded which makes them lose all values on these homes (approximate 8%). If someone lives near water then he/she will need flood insurance just like any other type of coverage we purchase for our house or business!



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