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Why Do Realtors Leave Business Cards? Realtor Business Marketing Tips

Why do realtors leave business cards

Why do realtors leave business cards?

Giving out your business card is a common courtesy. It lets the seller know that you were in their home, and if they leave for any reason, it will let them know someone came by to take care of things while they’re away.Why do realtors leave business cards

A realtor has an even greater responsibility than just showing properties. They represent their clients’ best interests throughout every aspect of buying or selling one’s house.

Facts & Stats about Real Estate Business Cards

Facts & Stats about Real Estate Business Cards

After reading the facts and stats about real estate business cards, I would like to share with you how we can create better ones. Study shows that, at 88 percent, it’s clear most people end up throwing their card away within a week, or if they don’t, then odds are there will be no response from them either way, so let’s say our conversion rate is 12%.

The inbound call conversion rates of business card-to-real estate client contact are not alarming at all.

What can be said about the business? First, of course, more than one person will see your cards and want to get involved with you- this means we need an additional number: The outbound call rate!

According to this study, they have a conversion rate that ranges from 30-to 50%. 

So for further calculations, let’s go with the average, which is 40%. When you leave them, you can assume that 12% of people will respond; however, it should vary depending on your phone skills.


How Many Real Estate Business Cards Should You Leave in Each Place?

How Many Real Estate Business Cards Should You Leave in Each Place?

We can do some data-based marketing and crunch some numbers. I like this marketing numbers stuff, so let me nerd out for a second about it! By having an answer rate of 12% and call to the customer conversion rate of 40%, we calculated the business card conversion rates as follows: 4%. So now that you know how much work goes into generating just one new client from left behind real estate cards (or any other form), does your goal still seem attainable?

You can do this by leaving ten divided by 4.8% business cards in each place, roughly 208 – but don’t worry! You won’t need that many because two people are enough for generating new customers at most places you’ll visit.

This sounds so much better than just handing out 20 or 30 flyers as well; it also seems more reasonable when considering how few copies they would let us leave there anyway.


Prepare Your Realtor Business Cards Before Leaving Them

You must do so with a prepared approach before you let your realtor’s business cards be printed and then leave them in the right places. In another article, I will discuss creating an effective physical card for marketing purposes.
And as many people still don’t know what QR codes or barcodes on property listings mean – here’s some information from us: When scanned by someone else using their smartphone camera…a person will receive relevant data which can help them make better decisions when considering purchasing property!

What is a QR code?

What is a QR code


QR Codes are a simple way to create engagement with your target audience. QR codes link directly from the info on one’s business card or website, making them easy for people who have smartphones and want more information about what you offer at their fingertips – without having any additional steps involved! You can use these labels in so many ways: by including it as part of an application linking back into yours; printing out copies alongside some Yelp reviews while they shop downtown this weekend; scanning overtop other posts shared online–plus countless others depending upon how creative YOU want to be!!


QR codes are the future, and if you’re not already using them for your real estate business cards, then now is a great time to start. QRStuff gives users access to generate high-quality barcodes, which they can place on their cards as an easy way of getting in touch with potential clients. No more hunting down physical addresses or losing contact information!

Switching over traditional methods can be done quickly by signing up at Switchit (free) or QRstuff (a $1 trial offer).

Why Leave Your Real Estate Business Cards?

The real estate business card is a small but essential piece of marketing for agents. The reason it’s left in various places, such as houses where there was an open showing and when someone comes to sell their home or rent out the property they own, may come from two different motives: customer service or courtesy towards homeowners.

Business owner, by leaving these cards wherever possible during showings, one can inform those who live at any given address you visited – making sure your name remains front-and-center!


Business cards are a valuable tool for any real estate professional /agent because they can generate leads and help you stay in contact with clients. Leaving them as a push or pull marketing could depend on where the person is going to hand out their card, but leaving it proactively might be better if there’s some relation between what company produces those flyers/cards and your role working within that industry. Because then potential customers will take one only when interested enough which means less waste. These people have already shown interest before so no need to waste time by handing them something just handed off at random without being informed whether it’s wanted!


You may end up giving out the business cards too soon and wasting resources.

Can you get a better impression of your potential client by having an informative conversation before pushing them towards services they are not interested in, or did you already sense their vital interest? In this case, it’s kinda-in between push/pull marketing strategy. Because while making sure there is no wasted time with non-targeted traffic but also getting someone on board who has money available for advertising campaigns later down the line when needed most – during crunch times!

Business cards are a great way to connect with potential clients. They’re also really convenient because you can leave one wherever they’ll be seen, rather than manually handing out 1000 of them all at once! The best part about going your business card is that it makes scaling up much more straightforward. you only have 100 in each place, but this means if 1% of those get interested enough, then there would suddenly be 11 new leads for your company instead of just 9 or 10 beforehand.


Don’t Forget to Track Your Real Estate Business Card Campaign.

It is essential to track the whole campaign if you want success. When it comes down to real estate business cards, leaving them out in hopes that potential clients will see them can have tremendous benefits for your company and some pitfalls worth noting. As I often write on my blog about how tracking our marketing campaigns makes or breaks these types of efforts – so too does having an effective way of capturing data from where we are spending resources like time and money through this medium.

But how could you track a campaign like that?

It’s essential to find the best 20% of your marketing efforts so you can get 80% in return.

You may want two ways for this: 1) track where people are getting their leads from and 2) ask yourself if there is anything else we could do to help us with our real estate business cards?

Making different versions of business cards is a great way to track your campaigns and learn more about where you spend the most time. For example, if someone leaves their card at one location, it would make sense that they will call or visit again for any potential customer engagement with this person since only certain people are going through those doors on any given day. This doesn’t mean you need an individual design for each place, though – as long as every version has its dedicated phone number or email address, then tracking can still work successfully!

You could also take this route by utilizing multiple landing pages depending upon where customers picked up certain pieces – say Montreal versus London versus New York City; here again, we see how vital flexibility truly is!

Rigorously Track Each Response

The first way to implement a lead magnet is by asking your potential customers where they heard about you.

This can be done on the website contact form through an option in which prospective clients choose from drop-down fields. Those who call directly on phone lines may also have questions asked via prompts when dialing into their number for service or support services like chat rooms with live operators are available 24/7 throughout each month, allowing people without access to technology options readily at hand during any given time.

Amazing Places for Realtors to Leave Business Cards

You know you have to tell people you’re a Realtor to get clients, but it doesn’t always mean getting a face-to-face. One of the most inexpensive lead generators is the sound, old-fashioned business card. For pennies at a time, you can leave an advertisement behind wherever you go – even in places that seem a little strange.


4 Places for Realtors to Leave Business Cards

1. Doctors’ and dentists’ offices. When you’re a regular patient, asking your doctor or dentist to host a small stack of business cards on the reception desk is an excellent way to reach potential clients.

2. Child care centers. Would you like your business card or flyer posted on the child care center’s bulletin board? That is an easy way to get seen by parents in this area. It could help when they’re looking for all things related to children, including schools!

3. Churches (with permission, of course). Some churches have a way of putting their stamp on things. For example, many welcome tables at Christian houses of worship feature events from all over the city and state. This means you should make flyers about your charity or community event that’s coming up! Also, add business cards so people know how they can get more information if it interests them because churchgoing habitats are often very busy during these times but still need ways to stay informed with what’s going on around town for those who don’t attend services regularly themselves.

4. Auto repair shops and oil change shops. If you’re going to be a car dealer, your clientele must have no other choice. Do you need the luxury cars and trucks at this dealership or elsewhere would they go? If not for yourself, then certainly as an arm of marketing, so pick one town over another with many potential clients to maximize exposure.



why do Realtors hate Zillow?

why do Realtors hate Zillow

The tension between Zillow and real estate agents goes back many years. This is a significant issue for buyers because it redirects their inquiries away from listing to those who pay the company, which damages sellers in two ways: one by cutting down on commission; second because these consumers get the information, they never would’ve had access to otherwise.

Besides the above, can you leave your realtor? Yes! You’re in luck. The terms by which the termination of the contract with them should be spelled out, and there’s no specific penalty for early termination. So usually it’ll just take that much money off your plate if they are still being paid at the time of removal from service.

Do Realtors do showings on Sundays?

Many realtors have their hours and work on Sundays to reach out to people who are busy during the regular business days from Monday through Friday and some with jobs outside of typical working hours.


Do I have to leave my house for a showing?

The simple answer is an absolute “no,” you don’t have to leave the house when the Realtor shows their property. It’s best for them if they know in advance where and when YOU will be present! Therefore, before each show, your landlord must give 24 hours’ notice, including at least one “reasonable” time during daylight savings.


Final Words

Business cards are a valuable tool for any salesperson in the real estate industry. They can generate leads and help you stay in contact with past or potential clients, but this may depend on how you use them. Leaving business cards proactively might be better if there’s some relation between what company produces those flyers/cards and your role working within that industry because then people will take one only when interested enough which means less waste from wasted time handing it out to someone who doesn’t want one.

Bonus Tips: Real Estate Brokers and sellers agents can increase leads by following Affiliate Businesses with the help of a digital marketing strategy. Real estate agencies can organize business events and provide cards on college campuses.



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