Tips on Saving Money When Choosing a Cable or Streaming Service

Tips on Saving Money When Choosing a Cable or Streaming Service

There’s a vast array of cable companies out there. Each has pros and cons and a wondrous serving of channels. In our daily hustle and bustle, we always need an excellent, uninterrupted time of leisure which we can spend watching cable TV. Plus, it helps shed the anxiety and stress of regular, weekly work.Tips on Saving Money When Choosing a Cable or Streaming Service

At the end of the day or in the morning when you’re getting ready, you need a few minutes to catch up with your preference of news or show, and we’re here to point out how to pick a reliable company to get that done for you.

Be Mindful of What You Want

Cable companies offer a lot. Sometimes, quite a lot. You probably won’t need all the hundreds of channels they provide. Maybe you’re a sportsperson. Or perhaps you like to watch the evening news while sipping away on your tea.

Categorize yourself and then narrow down the companies that focus on your tastes. This way, you’ll be able to shortlist your interests and the companies that align with them while also figuring out the ballpark in which the cost will be for availing of the service. You get two birds with one stone. You should also see which cable company aligns best with your internet speeds. CenturyLink Internet speeds let you jump over this minor hurdle by providing fast and reliable service for your internet cable or streaming service.

Keep your Budget in Check

If you’re starting out exploring your options, you’ll either be overwhelmed by the sheer number of channels being offered or enticed entirely by them. In the latter’s case, you’d want the cable with the most options and the best reviews. In many cases, this is good. But also, keep checking your wallet because the companies with many channels in their pocket often don’t shy away from draining yours.

This includes checking price hikes that may or may not happen in the second year of your subscription. If the company starts you off with relatively lower prices but is known to suck you dry in the second year of your contract, then this is a no-go area. Always do your research, so you don’t get trapped later.

Getting Basic is a Trap

Beware of the charm of the cheap. Cable companies often have plans to choose from. And your thought process might be lulled into getting the cheapest one because, hey, at the end of the day, it offers almost the same stuff, and you can make do with the bare minimum. But basic plans don’t have the comforts or the bells and whistles necessary to give you a smooth experience. As a result, you’ll encounter lag and be limited in more than one space.

There’s no fun in that. You’d be much better off installing an Over the Air antenna, which also costs around the same as a basic plan, and with an average price tag of 30 dollars, this would be a no-brainer. Or if you want to get the subscription, then go for the 60-dollar option, which is regular of what customers get. This sets you up for many channels, fast streaming, and HD quality. Doesn’t get any better. Until you get the premium.

Mix n Match

When choosing a cable company, it is essential to understand that cable providers charge an extraordinary amount to provide you with a holistic viewing experience that includes a little bit of everything. So if you want that, only go for it; otherwise, you can stick with cheaper streaming options.

You can also mix n match streaming options like Disney and Hulu to get a more customized experience of what you want to watch. Please browse through all kinds of streaming services and note what interests you and how readily it is available there. Then, decide for yourself if you need a streaming service or if your selection is too extensive and you’d be better off with cable services.

Use Free Trials to Your Advantage

Trial offers are your best friend. Services like Disney or Amazon Video regularly give out trials for as low as 1 dollar to get you started and give you a taste of what they offer. Take these offers to find out what sort of palette the service has. They can then further help you in narrowing down whether or not you want to go ahead and buy the service. The trial goes on for a month or 2 weeks which is plenty to have you watch some of the stuff they offer and form an opinion about it.


There’s always lots to think about when you want to select between two services that are juggernauts in their own right. But it also comes down to your opinions and preferences, so don’t shy away from prioritizing your wants. Regardless, if you’re smart enough, you’ll set yourself up for a couple of years of uninterrupted TV entertainment.

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