Exploring the Possibilities: Can A Security Guard Carry A Knife?

Can a Security Guard Carry a Knife?

There is a saying “Safety first” and it indicates how much safety is important for everyone. In this case, security guards play a significant role. Because they take personal’s security liability and protect him/her from any kind of casualty. However, the question is “Can a Security Guard Carry a Knife?” or “Which equipment is allowed to carry by a security bodyguard for safety?” It depends on something, which can we call the prerequisite of holding safety equipment by a security bodyguard.

Those prerequisites are:

  • Importance of knowing Laws and Restrictions
  • Allowed Knives
  • Alternatives to Knives
  • Usage of knife

In this article, we will explore the issue of bearing a knife as a security bodyguard. We will discuss the requirements usage of knives, restrictions for using knives, which tools can replace using knives, and the characteristics of a Good Knife.


Why security guard will use a knife? (Responsibilities of a Security Guard)

Can security guards carry pepper guns

Before we started, let’s talk about security guards. Security guards are those trained people who are forced to do according to their boss. It never represents that he is obedient to do wrong work but it means he should maintain the orders, protect the boss, ensure safety, and handle the accidental situation.

Their duties can vary in different cases like working for individuals, for a company, for a celebrity, and so on.


Importance of knowing Laws and Restrictions

So, why I have put this one above other prerequisites? Because of its importance. There is a massive variety of rules for holding a knife as a bodyguard in different states. In one state there is a different law and another state contains different laws for using it. That’s why It is recommended to check out the laws first and then guards should be determined of abiding by the rules of the particular city.


The Legal Considerations:

When it comes to carrying knives, security guards must adhere to legal regulations that vary across jurisdictions. Most of the time guards should have permission of using it and it’s just for protecting and covering but it includes blade length, limitations, and restrictions on carrying as concealed weapons.

In some cases, security guards may be permitted to carry knives as part of their duty equipment. However, this is usually confined to strict guidelines and conditions but for this, the guards should be trained and trustworthy. Their previous history will be checked.


Alternatives to Knives:

If permission is not granted and if you don’t have other options you can use this as an alternative to knives, I wish it would help you.

Non-lethal Weapons: Bodyguards can carry non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, or tasers and it doesn’t need any permission to use them. These devices are developed to temporarily hamper without causing permanent harm.


Material Tools: Bodyguards can carry impact tools like expandable batons, tactical pens, or kubotans. These tools can hamper anyone if these used in any sensitive areas but these should be used for just protection.

Self-defense Techniques: most of the time bodyguards are well-trained, which is a good sign. But it is not enough, if they have to fight without equipment, self-defense techniques can help them in this case. He can learn from Youtube or from the companies which teach self-defense.

Defensive Sprays: This is an effective tool for defending own self. There are lots kinds of defensive sprays in the market, guards can carry and any type of permission aren’t needed.


Alarm Systems: Bodyguards can carry personal alarm devices instead of bearing a knife. These alarms emit a loud sound when activated. These alarms can save one’s life because they make attention of people and discourage attackers to attack. It is also light-weighted and easy to carry.

Allowed Knives(Different Variant)

There are lots of knives, but they aren’t allowed for bodyguards. Here you can find out the allowed knives for a security bodyguard.

Folding Knives: These are too easy to carry because there is no possibility of cutting where the blade is folded. It is also known as the pocket knife.

can a security guard carry a knife

Utility Knives: this is one kind of folding knife but the difference is folding knives can’t be visible when it is folded but utility knives are visible when it is folded. One more thing, these knives are much slim consider to other knives.

 What can unarmed security carry?

Multi-Tool Knives: Different types of tools contained in just one case is called Multi-Tool Knives. It also considers a travel kit for everyone.


Fixed Blade Knives: These are simple knives with a fixed handles.

What can unarmed security carry?




Usage of knife

The purpose of using this knife is only to protect from attackers and for self-defense, defend the man/woman whom I work for. It can’t use for any illegal purpose and is not allowed to influence general people. If he is in a situation where the law gives him permission of using a knife he can use it.


  • What can unarmed security carry?

Answer: Unarmed security guards have fewer duties than armed security guards. His main identification is he couldn’t carry a firearm, he is eligible to carry non-lethal weapons. He can carry all kinds of non-lethal guns such as pepper spray, stun guns, or tasers.

  • Can security guards carry pepper guns/Tasers?

Answer: Of course, it is allowed to carry pepper guns or tasers by security guards but he will not use them until it needs.

  • Why are some security guards unarmed?

Answer: Some security guards are unarmed due to the nature of their job, legal restrictions, cost considerations, risk assessment, and the desire to maintain a less confrontational atmosphere.

  • What is the difference between unarmed and armed security guards?

Answer: The difference between unarmed and armed security guards is that armed can use firearm weapons like rifles, pistols, shotguns, and machine guns but unarmed security guards can’t use or carry this. They can use only non-lethal weapons.

Last Saying:

In conclusion, the issue of whether security guards can carry knives is important but if is related to billionaires’ security guards so it is more important. Tt depends upon various factors, including legal regulations, safety considerations, and specific job requirements. Every guard should be aware of the rules and safety considerations and then should take proper measures in specific situations.

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